We know Ronald Torreyes has made his living as a little guy with a big bat. However, the New York Yankees might just want to hire this guy at the YES Network.

Watching Ronald Torreyes this year has been an absolute treat. The New York Yankees have enjoyed him both on the field and in the dugout.

Recently the Yankees have beat a dead horse with the thumbs-down sign and now, they are trying something new. Torreyes didn’t have a camera but he made the most of a bad situation and used his own imagination.

The result? Pure hilarity.

Man, it’s incredible to see these guys so loose and having fun in the dugout. This team has a group personality that makes them so easy to like and fun to watch.

With all the home runs being hit tonight, Torreyes had his work cut out for him with his “camera,” aka the box holding the precious cargo of sunflower seeds.

He interviewed Greg Bird, Aaron Hicks and Starlin Castro tonight and got some excellent shots in the process. I mean, look at that camera positioning! Look at the focus!

And it certainly helps that Didi Gregorius is a solid interviewer to give Torreyes all those good shots.

Now imagine what these interviews will be like when they get to the playoffs? How about when they win the World Series?

Okay, too soon. At least we know that when the time comes, the Yankees have a pretty good team of interviewers sitting in the dugout.

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