Todd Frazier New York Yankees
(Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Strange and amazing things happen when a Mets fan provides the New York Yankees with a classic rallying symbol.

Just this past weekend, I had to explain to a friend of mine who was watching the New York Yankees with me that when Todd Frazier shot a “thumbs down” over to the dugout following an RBI single, the notion was actually a good thing.

When the Tampa Bay Rays were hosting the Yankees at Citi Field due to Hurricane Irma last week, Todd Frazier blasted a crucial three-run home run to give the Yankees a 5-1 win over their division rivals. As Frazier was circling the pillows, a disgruntled Mets fan — obviously disgusted that the Yankees were once again victorious on his beloved Mets’ stomping grounds — shot the New Jersey-native an unimpressive look, accompanied by a thumbs down.

According to YES Network’s Meredith Marakovits, Aaron Judge got word of the fan first and immediately told Frazier that, “it’s (thumbs down) got to be your new thing.”

Now, not only is it Frazier’s thing, it’s a Yankees thing.

First of all: I want one.

Secondly, being around Mets fans, there are far few things in this world that press their buttons more than to see the crosstown rival win anything, let alone a divisional game on their home turf. And to think that a Mets fan is responsible for the new rallying-cry symbol of the Bronx Bombers, I can’t help but to just giggle.

If the Yankees do go on to do some special things in October, it’s only fitting that the Yankees track this Krampus down and give him a ring for helping create something that may forever be linked to their 2017 season. At a bare minimum, they could give him the Jeffrey Mayer treatment and let him travel with the team as a good luck charm during their probable postseason run.

Either way, thank you Thumbs Down Guy — your gesture may be exactly what the Yankees needed to bring that World Championship trophy back to the Bronx.

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