Watch out, Red Sox. The New York Yankees are making plays that might even make you just a little bit jealous.

Hello and thank you for checking out this week’s top plays for the New York Yankees!

Just to recap this week for you, the Yankees took two of three from the Tampa Bay Rays in an obscure series at Citi Field and took three of four from the Baltimore Orioles in their home park.

The Yankees sit just three games behind the Boston Red Sox in the American League East and the season is coming down to the wire. Can they complete the comeback and take what is rightfully theirs or will they find themselves in the dreaded one-game playoff come October?

We don’t know the answers to these questions right now. What we do know, however, is that the Yankees have continued to impress both offensively and defensively.

So this week, we go into a new Lit 6 with even more Aaron Judge bombs, impressive stops and stellar throws. Here are the plays you’ll want to give a thumbs down to.

6. Remind You of Someone?

Jerek Deter? Someone like that? Well, we know Didi Gregorius is NOT Derek Jeter, but he definitely made a play that the Captain would applaud since he practically invented it.

In a ball in the hole, Gregorius ranges to snag it and makes a perfect throw to first while running in the OTHER DIRECTION. Jeter had to jump to muster strength on that throw. Gregorius? No problem.

His laser arm fired a strike to Greg Bird for the out. His arm strength is absolutely incredible. The Yankees are lucky to have this guy following up their favorite shortstop in the entire world.

Even better is the fact that he makes these plays routinely. What a ballplayer this kid is.

5. Chapman Finishes It Off

It’s been a while since Aroldis Chapman has been on the top plays list. This week, he makes it due to a gutsy four-out save that also managed to be the 200th of his career.

Chapman struggled with command but every single time Joe Girardi reached for the phone, Chapman stepped it up, striking out player after player. He ended the game by striking out the dangerous Lucas Duda.

Does watching Chapman make a lot of us feel as though we are having early symptoms of a heart attack? Absolutely. But when he’s like this, he is terrifying (for the other team).

Congratulations to Chapman on this incredible feat. Here’s to 200 more for the Yankees!

4. Thumbs Down is the New Thumbs Up

This might not be a specific play on the field. However, this is a movement that has propelled the Yankees forward in their quest to silence the haters.

When a disgruntled fan gave a thumbs down in the stands following Todd Frazier’s three-run blast, the Yankees turned it into their battle cry.

And ever since then, they’ve been doing some pretty incredible things. I think their recent performance has a lot to do with the awesome “thumbs-down guy.”

Little did he know that a depressing gesture would turn out to be the greatest motivator I’ve ever seen. Kudos to the Yankees for making it hilarious.

3. Bird Still Can Fly

You think we missed Greg Bird solely for his bat? Wrong! We missed Bird because he can do things like THIS.

Bird ranges to his left to make a great stop. While that would normally be enough to warrant compliments, he also spins, fires to Luis Severino and nabs the runner at first in a perfectly executed play.

Wow, Bird…just WOW! We know you’re tall but using your height powers for something like that is even better. Think he wanted to be back on the field to make those plays? Absolutely.

Greg Bird bombs are fun but I would like to argue that sweet plays like this are exactly what the Yankees have been missing all season at first base.

2. And Another One!

Aaron Judge is a freak of nature. We all know it. The world knows it. And you know for sure that the Orioles know it.

Judge took two pitches deep, one to right and one to left, to help the Yankees participate in another blowout of the Orioles. His first one was a powerful blast into the right-field bleachers, a great sign if he starts hitting like that.

And what if he starts slugging two home runs a game? Even better. It seems as though his sweet swing has come back, at least for the time being.

Ladies and gentlemen, this will be loads of fun to watch.

1. Headley at First? Not the Worst

Chase Headley has done some pretty awesome things at the plate since his transition to the first base position. However, he just showed that he’s an asset on defense as well in his new position.

Headley showed the instincts of a player who has been groomed for a career at first base during this play. He quickly steps on first, gets the angle and then fires out Mallex Smith sliding into second.

Gregorius followed up with a nice tag to record the double play but I’m far more impressed by seeing Headley have the instinct to do that without hesitation.

With Bird back, who knows how much time Headley will log in at first base? However, if he keeps making plays like this, he might have found himself a permanent home in this corner.

This week was heavy on defense and light on offense. However, does it really matter if the Yankees keep winning games to finish out September?

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