The New York Yankees have adopted a new celebration technique, courtesy of one poor Mets fan. Luckily, we get to see him sit down with Matthew Stucko.

Who knew that one simple gesture would turn into mass hysteria when it came to the New York Yankees?

Probably not this guy. Gary Dunaier, self-proclaimed Mets fanatic who despises all things in pinstripes, became an overnight sensation when he bluntly reacted to Todd Frazier’s blast at Citi Field last week.

Since then, the Yankees found their inspiration for a new celebration. Twitter has been going mad, using Dunaier’s picture as a meme for whenever the Yankees do something great.

Now, the YES Network chose to sit down with Dunaier and ask him a few more questions about the Yankees.

Is it silly? Absolutely. But you have to milk it for all its worth. Ever since Dunaier made his epic appearance on our TV screens, the Yankees are 3-1 and absolutely dominating.

So we see a lot of thumbs down in the video. However, we do get one thumbs-up, when Dunaier actually smiles.

Thank you, Gary Dunaier. You gave the Yankees some motivation. Usually people encourage ballplayers to block out the haters. However letting this hater get to them has actually been better for the Yankees.

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