All the attention was on the field for the New York Yankees win tonight but it should have been on Luis Severino and his budding friendship in the dugout.

Luis Severino is an absolute animal on the mound but apparently the New York Yankees’ stud has a heart of gold.

Tonight, Severino was spotted befriending a praying mantis who was hanging around the Yankees dugout. He created a seat for him and even shared some of his sunflower seeds with the creature.

Aww, what a teddy bear. Personally, I would have freaked out but Sevy kept his cool and made his new friend feel at home.

Starlin Castro even stopped by to spend some time with Mr. Mantis when he wasn’t at the plate.

We’ve seen this so many times before, friendships building between species. Go watch Lilo and Stitch. Even throw on E.T. for old time’s sake. It looks as though Sevy has found his absolute best friend.

Sure, he was a little frightened at first. But he and Mr. Mantis put aside their differences and learned to cohabitate in the tight dugout at Citi Field.

Will Mr. Mantis make a return appearance tomorrow? Or will he leave Severino in the dust and move on to the next ballplayer that gives him attention?

We don’t know what’s going on in Mr. Mantis’ mind but we do know that Severino is a pretty damn good friend. If Mr. Mantis doesn’t see that, then Sevy certainly deserves better.

It was a pleasure to see the two of them bond tonight. Although the win was important, friendship is forever.


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