Ronald Torreyes New York Yankees
Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

We have yet another birthday on the New York Yankees! In honor of Ronald Torreyes’ big day, here are his finest moments.

We’ve had the pleasure of watching the little guy do amazing things on the New York Yankees. For the past two seasons, he’s done nothing but defy expectations.

But what some people don’t realize is just how valuable this little guy is in the grand scheme of things. A utility player who can hit and also brings a great rapport to the clubhouse? Rare.

But that’s what Torreyes brings to the Yankees. And we couldn’t be more thankful for it.

So in honor of the big 2-5 for Torreyes, here are some of his finer moments in pinstripes.

On the Defensive

No matter what position he’s playing, he comes through, as he does on this Edwin Encarnacion bloop that could have set up the game-tying run.

Torreyes ranges out to shallow right and makes the diving catch, keeping the runner at first and the Yankees in the lead.

Dang, Torreyes, we like what we see!

Tenacious Torreyes

Down one run, two strikes on you? No worries, Torreyes has got this.

Throwing the bat at a pitch down and away to stay alive, Torreyes followed that gritty performance up by smacking a game-tying single against the Mariners.

Atta boy, Big Toe! We know we can always count on you to get the job done.

Super Smooth Little Guy

Sure, the Yankees were up 9-1 when this happened. But that just shows that Torreyes is a player who never lets up on his game.

Ranging deep into foul territory, Torreyes can up with the sliding grab, making it look all too easy.

Well, he’s helping his case as a reliable defensive star. Keep it up, little one!

No Quit

Another fine Torreyes moment happened when he hit his first walk-off. Bottom of the 10th, two outs, runner in scoring position.

Do you really want anyone else up at the plate besides Torreyes?

Torreyes smacks a single up the middle and before the ball even lands, this little guy is celebrating.

Wow, what a moment for him. Going from a fill-in to a starting player, he did his job better than some other big names on the team.

Bend the Knee

Perhaps my favorite moment from this season, Ronald Torreyes got the recognition he truly deserved from his own teammates.

Seriously, my eyes welled up seeing the love and support the entire team has for this little guy.

Waiting for him after his four-hit performance against the Detroit Tigers, the Yankees gave him a hero’s welcome back into the clubhouse.

So Torreyes is turning 25 and he’s been a big part of the Yankees roster in the last two years. Today, we are going to recognize him.

How about four hits against the Red Sox, eh Torreyes? Sounds like an excellent birthday gift to me!





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