New York Yankees Bomber Buzz, 9/2/17: 'Berning' Down The House
NEW YORK, NY - MAY 24: Bernie Williams sits with his Mother Rufina Williams during the ceremony to retire his number in Monument Park before the game against the Texas Rangers at Yankee Stadium on May 24, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees are making a run for the playoffs and maybe having a former playoff legend in town will help inspire the masses.

When you think New York Yankees baseball, what comes to mind?

Derek Jeter? Pinstripes? The seemingly endless reign of the Evil Empire?

While this is all true, a huge part of this organization was one of the lesser publicized guys, Bernie Williams. Well, Bernie made a visit to the Bronx to show off his post-baseball career.

Didn’t know Bernie Williams was a musician? Would you think he would be as incredible as he really is?

The guitar-playing outfielder stunned the crowd almost as much as he did during his career in the Bronx. It’s such a great feeling to have an old player return to his stomping grounds and completely win over the crowd again.

Excellent job, Bernie, and if you like some old-fashioned guitar music, buy one of his albums. I have one from when I was a kid and they’re incredible.

Shameless plugs aside, let’s talk a little about Aroldis Chapman. Entering last night’s game completely rested, Chapman had all of his tools in his arsenal…including a disgusting 105 MPH fastball.

Just incredibly sickening. Chapman throws the fastest pitch of the entire season and follows it up with a filthy slider to catch Dustin Pedroia looking.

This is the Chapman we’ve seen in the past and is this the one we have to look forward to towards the end of the season? I sure hope so.

This is the Chapman the Yankees dished out millions of dollars for. This is the Chapman that struck fear in the hearts of his opponents.

In an otherwise quiet day for the Yankees, they look to pick up another victory over their rivals. Bring it on!

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