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Does New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge Deserve A Suspension? (Video)

After a closer look at the nasty Tigers/New York Yankees brawl, the argument could be made that Aaron Judge‘s role may warrant punishment.

Sure, the brawl between the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers happened two days ago, but a closer look may tell us another suspension should have been brought.

In the video above, which brings us a closer look at right fielder Aaron Judge, it appears the 6-foot-8 fielder got his hands on brawl-initiator Miguel Cabrera. Although this isn’t in high-definition nor clear, Judge appears to throw a right hook at the 12-second mark.

Yankees’ catcher Gary Sanchez earned a four-game suspension for delivering cheap shots in the brawl. Although the HR Derby champion also took a swing wasn’t so innocent, he won’t be joining his teammate on the lists of suspensions.

Along with Sanchez, Austin Romine (two games) have been suspended for their actions in this wild brawl. Manager Joe Girardi, bench coach Rob Thomson, Brett Gardner, Tommy Kahnle, Clint Frazier and Garrett Cooper were also fined for their actions.

Dellin Betances, who was ejected after hitting Tigers catcher James McCann in the head with a 98 MPH fastball, and Aaron Judge, who appeared to throw haymakers as well, did not receive any discipline from Major League Baseball.

Regardless of what we see now, the league will probably not look back and re-address suspensions. Judge gets away with one here, but the question remains: should he have?