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New York Yankees Hilariously Greet Ronald Torreyes In Locker Room (Video)

It’s all fun in games following a crushing win, and the New York Yankees soaked it in by welcoming Ronald Torreyes back to the locker room.

Boys will be boys.

Soon after the New York Yankees‘ 10-2 win over the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday night, Ronald Torreyes was greeted in front of the locker room by his teammates.

Normal, right? Try again. The rest of the roster welcomed him with high fives while on one knee. In case the 5-foot-8 Torreyes’ 4-for-4 night didn’t make him feel big, this certainly did.

What is easily the best part of this short behind-the-scenes look was how, even on one knee, the 6-foot-8 Aaron Judge is almost on the same level as New York’s utility infielder. I know the dude is short but, come on now.

Height aside, Torreyes is putting together quite the year. His four-hit day on Wednesday elevated is 2017 slash line to .299/.316/.697, making him one of the most reliable utility men in the game.

Building on that point, there is nothing better than a successful ballplayer who could poke a little fun at even himself. Have a night, Toe.