ESPN Radio’s Don La Greca absolutely flipped out on a caller on Thursday who wanted Aaron Judge to be pinch-hit for on Wednesday night.

One caller was on the receiving end of a total freak out by ESPN’s Don La Greca on Thursday after expressing his frustration with Joe Girardi for not pinch-hitting for Aaron Judge on Wednesday night.

The caller first explained how he thinks Joe Girardi should have pulled Aaron Judge from the ninth inning of Wednesday’s game so that he wouldn’t break the consecutive game strikeout record.

This was then followed by an absolute outburst by La Greca which turned into actual comedic gold.

“You’re a clown! Get a life Steve, Don’t bother my life. Lose the number, You’re banned!” La Greca exclaimed. “If Steve’s on I’m leaving. If I ever see him on hold I’m walking off.”

Once in a while, we do see La Greca channel is inner Francesa on callers and when he does, it is must-see radio.