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Bowling Green’s Jake Suder Makes 53-Yard Kick for Scholarship (Video)

Bowling Green kicker Jake Suder, a walk on, wins a full scholarship after making a 53-yard field goal in practice.

Imagine if whether or not you received a scholarship for college depended on if you could make a field goal. Bowling Green kicker Jake Suder was in that situation on Tuesday.

During practice, Bowling Green head coach Mike Jinks issued a challenge to Suder. Jinks told Suder that if he could hit a 53-yard field goal than he would win a full scholarship. With ice in his veins, Suder buried the long field goal before being mobbed by his teammates in an incredible moment.

Suder was having a good practice, which is why Jinks decided to challenge him, according to Jason Knavel – a Bowling Green spokesman.

“Coach had two scholarships still available for kids this year, and Jake was one of the few kids who they had on their short list as a possibility for those two. There had been no final determination on exactly how those scholarships would be given out,” Knaver told Sam Cooper of Yahoo Sports. “So, at practice, they were kicking, and Jake was nailing them. So when they got to the long one (53 yards out), Coach Jinks out of the blue told him, ‘Knock this one down for a full scholarship.’ It was organic and out of the blue.”

Had he missed then we would probably be talking about how he messed it up and making fun of him? The kicker made nine out of 12 field goals last year and 35 of 38 extra point attempts.

Bowling Green opens the season on Sept. 2 at Michigan State.

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