As if the starting lineup could use any more injuries, New York Yankees Jordan Montgomery gets a ball to the head during Red Sox batting practice.

Imagine that you just got the call-up to the New York Yankees after being sent down and being a key player in the rotation this season. Now imagine getting freakishly injured during the opposing team’s batting practice.

That’s exactly what happened with Jordan Montgomery, who was hit in the right side of the head by ball off the bat of Red Sox catcher Sandy Leon during batting practice today. This video comes courtesy of the YES Network.

Gumby was signing autographs for fans when the incident occurred. Players are typically signing behind a net but somehow the ball managed to clear the net and clock Monty in the head.

The video from the YES Network may be from a distance, but it still shows Monty being helped by the bullpen catcher and surrounding teammates. As he gets past the netting, he bends over and takes a minute before heading to the dugout.

Another angle was presented by NESN, the Red Sox primary network.

Live updates were given by Ken Rosenthal of the incident.

Rosenthal then confirmed in a later tweet that Yankees officials deemed Montgomery as doing okay.

As worrisome as it looked, it sounds like everything will be okay. Of course it had to happen when the Red Sox were batting, just to make the rivalry even more insane.

Can you smell a brawl coming? Some retaliation? Just a reminder, Luis Severino was on the mound during their last brawl in Toronto…


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