The elite New York Yankees prankster just got pranked himself as Aroldis Chapman pulled off the tantrum of the century.

Thanks to Didi Gregorius’ stellar postgame tweets, we all know the New York Yankees prank king is none other than left fielder Brett Gardner.

What we didn’t know is that some of these other players can give it right back to him.

It seems Gardner got a taste of his own medicine by fellow veteran Aroldis Chapman when Gardner attempted to pull a prank on him.

As told on MLBNetwork Radio by Eduardo Perez and Scott Braun, the prank revolved around Chapman’s precious uniform No. 54, which was worn by Sonny Gray during his time in Oakland.

Gardner told Chapman about how he would have to surrender his number to the newcomer and Chapman, who happened to know the whole joke, played along.

Chapman apparently threw a tantrum, refusing to give up his number and throwing items around the clubhouse, much to the shock of his teammates.

I mean, if Chapman can throw a fastball 105 MPH, can you imagine how hard he can throw a chair in the clubhouse? Yeah, I wouldn’t mess with that.

And that tells the story of how the prankster actually got pranked himself. Brett Gardner had his own joke backfire against him.

Well played, Chapman. Maybe Gardner will think twice before messing with some of his teammates.

Or maybe he will just continue to do it because it sure is entertaining for all of us. Hopefully a video will emerge soon!


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