The Lit 6: New York Yankees Top Plays From 7/17-7/23
Jul 22, 2017; Seattle, WA, USA; New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge (99) celebrates after hitting a solo home run against the Seattle Mariners during the sixth inning at Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees are coming off a pretty solid week and there are a plethora of top plays to help accommodate that.

We’ve gotten a pretty solid week from our favorite team in New York. The New York Yankees started out the week rough, losing two of three to the Minnesota Twins. But this weekend was full of joy as the Yankees won their first series since June 11.

It’s been a long time and finally clutch hitting was the name of the game. Taking three of four from the Seattle Mariners, the Yankees have (hopefully) gotten their groove back.


Amid the excitement, there were some pretty big hits, strong pitching performances and defensive plays that had the “wow” factor.

The Yankees are ready to compete once again and they’re making a case for success. They’ve got all the ingredients. Now it’s time to work together and make it happen.

This is it! Welcome back to our first Lit Six since the All-Star break. Sit back and enjoy!

6. Didi Gets Knocked Down

In all seriousness, what did we do to get blessed with such a sure-handed, slick-fielding shortstop? We had Derek Jeter for 20 seasons but honestly, he wasn’t half the fielder that Didi Gregorius is. And that’s a fact.

Despite falling down, Gregorius got right back up again to make a strong throw to retire Carlos Ruiz and help keep the bases empty for rookie left hander Caleb Smith.

But take a second to marvel at Didi’s impressive arm strength. Fading away from first base, he still manages to fire a strike to Chase Headley to get the out.

Didi Gregorius, you’re a Knight and we certainly salute you for your incredible play and pure athleticism. I don’t think we’ll ever not be impressed by your defensive abilities.

5. RoTo In the Hot Corner

Ronald Torreyes has probably been told since he was a kid that it would be highly unlikely that a player of his size and stature would make it to the big leagues. Well, look at him now!

Torreyes took over some time at third base as Headley transitioned to first and plays like this make Yankees fans ask, why hasn’t he been there all along?

Torreyes makes an incredible diving stop to rob the Twins, while also keeping the runner on third from scoring to give the Twins a lead.

Jordan Montgomery was happy that Torreyes had his back at third. That’s a pretty reliable option to have now that Headley has switched across the diamond.

Thanks, Torreyes, for showing us that even the little guys can be big-time players.

4. Judge Can Throw Too!

Aaron Judge can clobber home runs. He can hit above a .300 clip. But, hey, he’s also got a pretty good arm mixed in there.

Let’s set the scene. Bases loaded with Twins. No outs. Fly ball to Aaron Judge. No big deal, he catches the ball for the out. What comes after is truly magical.

Judge fires a one-hop laser to Austin Romine to nab the runner tagging from third. Oh, and that throw was measured at 97.7 MPH by Statcast.

Whoa boy, what a freaking laser. Judge impresses at the plate, for sure, but his defense might be even more impressive and incredibly underrated.

3. RoTo Game-Tying RBI

Torreyes is on the list AGAIN. This time, he does it with his bat at the last possible moment.

Down 5-4 in the top of the ninth, Torreyes had two strikes on him. With ball two approaching the plate, Torreyes decided to take a hack at it…fouling off the pitch and throwing his bat in the process.

He JUST stayed alive, which allowed him to take the next pitch into left field, driving in Jacoby Ellsbury for the game-tying run.

The game seemed over yet Torreyes made something happen at the very last minute. While it wasn’t the first time the Yankees did something miraculous with their backs against the wall, this one was pretty memorable from the little guy.

2. Judge’s Mammoth Homer

Judge homers all the time. So what is so special about this one? How about the fact that his home run literally could not be tracked by Statcast?

Yes, pretty amazing.

Judge broke his home run slump and crushed No. 31 on the season, his first since putting on a clinic in the Home Run Derby. This time, he made sure no one could snag it. He practically drove it out of Safeco Field.

Legitimately, that ball was smoked. The entire crowd of Yankees fans and Mariners fans alike were on their feet, in awe over the blast.

And that it was. An absolute blast. Judge truly gave everyone something to cheer about that night in Seattle.

1. Frazier’s Spectacular Grab

Clint Frazier, a rookie? Yeah, he’s only a rookie but he’s been playing like he’s an old pro at the Major Leagues.

That was proven in Seattle, when he made an incredible diving grab in left field in the bottom of the second inning. He covered a great amount of ground and timed out a perfect dive to snag the sinking liner before it caused any damage.

Even though he made a spectacular catch, fans are still saying he has to work on his defense. However, if this is a sign of potential that he has in the outfield, he will be even better once he gets his defense figured out.

And they’re probably going to send him down. However, at least he has some pretty awesome highlight reels to show his teammates while he’s getting the everyday work in Triple-A.

Another week, another six amazing top plays. Thanks to the Yankees for providing us fans with entertainment and victories galore this week.

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