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New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge: A Closet Boston Red Sox Fan?

It appears as though New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge had no issues wearing his Boston Red Sox gear as a youth.

On Monday afternoon, a picture of New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge surfaced, with him showcasing a backwards facing Boston Red Sox snapback and a grey and red lettered Red Sox shirt.

I speak for all Yankees fans when I say that I am at a loss for words.

Our poster child for this 2017 season is now being viewed as someone who supports this dump of an organization. (Obviously, I kid around when referring to the Sox organization as a “dump.”)

Or am I?

It is beyond me as to why all of a sudden this picture surfaced. Then again, it couldn’t have come at a more convenient time — last night Judge was robbed of a 420-foot home run when Red Sox centerfielder, Jackie Bradley Jr., leaped over the fence to catch Judge’s surefire homer.

I feel like I have been lied to in the utmost fashion. I feel betrayed. I feel like we’ve been cheated on, had no idea that this was his closet favorite team, and boom — pictures prove otherwise and we’re completely blindsided.

Maybe it was a bet and Judge had to wear it because he lost a drinking game. Maybe his girlfriend at the time bought it for him as a gag gift and he wore it so she’d feel better about herself.

The kid grew up in California so, quite honestly, there’s no substantial reason for this betrayal of the highest order.

Aaron, what’s going on here? We deserve answers for this. Of all things that you could do, you do this?

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