New York Yankees: First Annual JudgeCon Is On In NYC
Photo courtesy of Funny Or Die Twitter

Aaron Judge hasn’t even stepped into the box for the Home Run Derby but fans galore are praising the New York Yankees slugger with gavels and a trip around NYC.

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge hasn’t yet been given the key to the city. However, he was the inspiration behind an annual celebration, which is pretty cool.

Funny or Die and MLB have teamed up to bring the world the first annual JudgeCon. Four fans have donned robes, wigs and gavels while parading around New York City to support the monster of the Yankees.

Judge will be participating in his first Home Run Derby tonight and, of course, is already a heavy favorite to run away with the American League Rookie of the Year Award at season’s end.

The Judge fever has been in the Bronx since his first home run, with the Yankees creating a special “Judge’s Chambers” section where fans can enjoy the game and all the Judge puns that come with it.

According to Cut4, the fake judges are doing skits as well, so I can guarantee you that we’ll be looking for that after Judge slugs a few home runs in tonight’s Derby.

Stay tuned for more updates from the All-Star Game and the Home Run Derby, which will happen tonight on ESPN. And see below for some of the amazing pictures from today’s festivities that helped pump up the spirit for the Derby.

I can guarantee you that next year, there will be a whole lot more judges participating in this JudgeCon. And there’s absolutely no way I’ll miss that.

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