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The Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather Hype Video Sure to be Better Than the Actual Fight (Video)

Here’s the much anticipated first Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather pre-fight hype video that’s sure to be more exciting than the fight itself.

Here … we … go. Finally, the first pre-fight hype video has surfaced concerning the much-anticipated match between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and mixed martial artist Conor McGregor.

As you’ve already watched, it comes courtesy of Showtime, obviously, as this is the premiere network that’ll rake in the big pay-per-view bucks on Saturday, Aug. 26.

The video does a tremendous job of hyping up the fight. Naturally, there’s a clip of Money Mayweather counting his dollars, one by one. Also, naturally, there’s a shot of McGregor’s duel-belt UFC moment in New York City at Madison Square Garden

And of course, both guys are just plain talking silly smack. This is what fighters do. Even the humble guys are encouraged to mix it up pre-fight in the UFC these days because it absolutely sells and Dana White’s known it since the turn of the century.

In any event, enjoy this video folks. Enjoy the hype leading up to the actual event.


Well, because the hype will be the real draw pertaining to this one. In a pure boxing match, the ultra-talented and boring Mayweather will destroy McGregor. It’ll be so bad that the Irishman will be visibly frustrated about not coming close to hitting him.

Mayweather’s a great. There’s no doubt about it. But his one great knock comes when the discussion of great fighters “taking chances” come into play. Money simply doesn’t. Therefore, McGregor, and this event for that matter, has no shot to shine.

H/T Youtube, Showtime

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