New York Yankees: LoMo's Comments Will Only Spark Gary Sanchez
Apr 2, 2017; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Rays first baseman Logan Morrison (7) celebrates at home plate after he hits a home run during the third inning and New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez (24) looks on at Tropicana Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Just keep adding fuel to the fire, Logan Morrison. The New York Yankees Gary Sanchez can (and will) handle the heat.

There once was a story of two grown men who came from two entirely different worlds. One hails from the New York Yankees while the other calls the Tampa Bay Rays his home team.

Gary Sanchez and Logan Morrison are both having incredible seasons on their own and one was selected to the Home Run Derby on Monday while the other… Was not.

As you well know, Sanchez has accepted the invitation to accompany his teammate Aaron Judge in the Derby. Morrison is still waiting for such an invitation, which will likely never come.

Thus, the pettiness breaks out. Morrison took to reporters yesterday to voice his displeasure at a certain Yankees catcher making the Derby while he did not. And he wasn’t exactly the nicest about it.

Morrison held nothing back to the Tampa Bay Times, stating, “Gary’s a great player but he shouldn’t be in the Home Run Derby.” He also went on to sarcastically mock Sanchez’ home run total of 13 on the season.

While these comments garnered a lot of reaction from fans of the game and the Derby, it shouldn’t mean anything to Sanchez. Why? Because Morrison may have 24 home runs but Sanchez is on pace for so much more.

Morrison is just another player who is upset with the All-Star selection process. He has no doubt put together an impressive season for himself but he is demanding recognition for his actions. Not only that, but he’s calling out another player by name in order to help further his case into getting into the Derby. He is tearing down others to look better himself when in reality, it simply makes him look jealous and petty.

Sanchez responded in his own sassy way, declaring that it wasn’t his fault he got invited. And he’s absolutely right. With that response, Sanchez may have acknowledged Morrison’s comments but he also showed that he knows the Home Run Derby is not just another day; it’s something that is an honor to be invited to.

Sanchez has a fierce competitive nature to him, as we witnessed when he first came up last season. He will let his feelings be known and he takes out his aggression on the baseball.

While some of us may take offense to his comments, Sanchez won’t do that. Instead, he’ll use those comments as motivation to prove that he belongs there.

And Sanchez is smart enough to know the business of baseball. He’s a big-name player who is helping draw viewers into the Home Run Derby. Logan Morrison will not. But did he say that to the media?

Nope. But he and the entire baseball world know it.

Sanchez may only have 13 home runs this season. But after missing a month due to injury and coming back strong, each of his home runs has been more impressive than the last.

Coming back from adversity and still hitting like he did last year? That is what makes an All-Star. So while Sanchez is quietly doing his job, Morrison is complaining about it.

Well, Morrison can complain all he wants because it doesn’t bother Gary Sanchez. Sanchez has nothing to prove to anyone…he simply lets his home runs do all the talking.

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