Former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez switches from smashing baseballs to smashing eggs with known Red Sox fan Jimmy Fallon.

Alex Rodriguez has been doing a lot since his retirement from the New York Yankees. He’s been working non-stop, dating one of the hottest singers on the face of the earth and now…playing Russian Egg Roulette?

That’s right, Rodriguez took to late-night television to compete with Jimmy Fallon in the daring game of “Russian Egg Roulette.” And the results are pretty hilarious.

The purpose of the game is to pick an egg decorated like a baseball from the egg carton and proceed to smash it on your head. The plot twist? Eight of the eggs were hard boiled while four were raw.

Let the fun commence.

During his short stint in front of the camera, Rodriguez picked three eggs. The first? An egg of the hard boiled variety, which he continued to smash on his head.

The second and third? All raw eggs. And he smashed them with such force against his forehead there might still be a question whether or not he is still using steroids.

In the end, Fallon won the competition but A-Rod earned the MVP award for most entertaining.

So ultimately it was Yankees versus Red Sox all over again. I’m surprised A-Rod didn’t just reach over and whack the egg out of Fallon’s hand. Old habits die hard, right?

But perhaps the best part of the evening is when A-Rod informed Jimmy Fallon that many fans think he’s J-Lo’s body guard. Awkward.

Here’s to another egg-celent showing by a New York Yankees star on late night television. YES After Dark should take notes.


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