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Russell Westbrook Shows Off Gucci Diaper Bag In Paris (Photo)

Russell Westbrook has not let turning into a dad prevent him from showing off his unique style, in fact, it is just making it bolder.

NBA superstar and potential MVP Russell Westbrook has always been known for having a unique sense of style when it comes to his wardrobe and accessories.

Since becoming a father in May, Westbrook has not let this prevent him from letting the world know he still dominates the fashion game.

The point guard was seen rocking the Gucci diaper bag while on the streets of Paris on Tuesday. The bag sells for $1,500, a pretty penny for a bag to store diapers.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Westbrook carries on along fatherhood and what other extravagant accessories he decides to break out to show the world that he is still accustomed to the times.

Who knows, maybe he shows up to the NBA awards with his diaper bag wrapped around his shoulder, probably not, but it is a humorous thought.

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