Conor McGregor lured Floyd Mayweather to fight him and, for that, the undefeated boxing champion is already on the ground — and desperately gasping for air.

On Wednesday afternoon, the most anticipated fight since the turn of the century was agreed upon.

In two months and 12 days, 40-year-old boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and UFC superstar Conor McGregor will take the ring in Las Vegas — with both expected to take in north of $100 million.

What many fail to realize, including Mayweather himself, is that the first punch has already been landed. Only one man has anything to lose, and that is the man who has never lost anything.

Looking at the matchup from a financial perspective, McGregor’s brilliance was put on full display. He, his future children, their children, and their children’s children are all taken care of — which was the ultimate goal.

A man who sought part-ownership of the UFC — rightful part-ownership given his name-recognition comparative to the UFC’s — has always had a game plan to take what belongs to him, and now he can, regardless of the result.

Mayweather has millions upon millions of dollars to his name. The fight will not mean much more to his net worth than fights past.

What he is truly jeopardizing is his legacy. Undoubtedly, that is something that can and will be impacted.

For the 49-0 Mayweather, 50-0 is round, it is firm, but it is not definitive. If Floyd squeaks away, or wins a decision that perhaps should not have been sent his way, boxing experts will always look at what could have been.

For McGregor, putting up even a remotely decent fight will raise the status of his immortality to unbelievable heights, having forced an undefeated, all-time top-10 boxer out of retirement, earning a tremendous sum of money in the process, and nearly adding a ‘1’ to Mayweather’s all-so important loss column — having never even partook in an amateur boxing match prior to the night.

Oh, and don’t count out that ‘1’ being inserted into the loss column.

McGregor’s been doubted in the past, and he continues to amaze us all.

His latest stunning feat was sucker-punching Floyd into this fight — a clash for the ages that will have a buildup featuring definitive positivity for the challenger, and sheer uncertainty for the favorite.

The first punch has struck the face of the legendary Mayweather, and now it’s his turn to rise up.