The Lit Six: New York Yankees Top Plays 6/4-6/11
Jun 11, 2017; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge (99) hits a two run home run to right center during the seventh inning against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

As the weather heats up, so does the New York Yankees offense and defense, who both put on quite the show for this week’s Lit Six.

Opponents learned two lessons this week in watching the New York Yankees roll over their American League East rivals in the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles.

First, this team is not a fluke. Second, don’t pitch to Aaron Judge. Just don’t do it. You’ll regret it.

This week was a huge confidence booster for the Bronx Bombers, as they pummeled teams with their hot bats while also smothering them with impressive defensive plays. Just when things started looking like they had the potential to go wrong, everything turned out just right for the Yankees.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Yankees have been straight-up dominating at the plate. This weekend, they outscored the Orioles 38-8. But in the midst of all that excitement, the Yankees have made some stellar defensive plays to help out their pitchers.

Here we go! In the first full week of June, here are top six plays that took place on Yankee Stadium soil.

6. Gary Sanchez Catches A Top Play At First

And now starting at first base for the New York Yankees…Gary Sanchez?

That’s right, folks. During a few of the Yankees blowout games against the Orioles, Sanchez took his turn at first base and turned out a pretty remarkable “never say die” play.

Sanchez fielded a fairly simple grounder with two outs in the top of the ninth and when he started towards first, he tripped. Yes, that’s right. The man IS human after all.

However, he continued the play and muscled his way to first base, just tagging the bag before Seth Smith could reach safely.

That’s it, game over. Sanchez never backed down and got the out. At least having him at first base helps boost the offensive numbers for that position, right?

5. Aaron Hicks Playing For The All-Star Votes

It’s no secret that Aaron Hicks has been absolutely stellar after disappointing everyone last season. In fact, he should be in consideration for a spot on the All-Star team.

Hicks strengthened his case by slugging two home runs and driving in three runs on Friday evening against the Orioles.

And you KNOW this effort was a ploy to get more All-Star votes. He hit his first home run directly into the Judge’s Chambers. Aaron Judge, how do you feel about another Aaron getting all up in your fan section?

Hicks has been so impressive and continues to dazzle. He may not get as much attention as the other Aaron but on Friday night, Hicks was the real hero.

4. Ronald Torreyes Slides Into More Than DMs

This season’s ever-reliable utility player, Ronald Torreyes, turned what should have been a boring ninth inning. Boasting an eight-run lead over the feisty Red Sox, Torreyes just entered the game to give shortstop Didi Gregorius a break.

However, Torreyes made the play of the evening, jumping right off the crack off the bat to chase down the foul ball on Thursday night.

It was almost reminiscent of Derek Jeter’s dive into the stands in 2004. However, Torreyes looked a whole lot smoother as he went into a full out slide and popped up like it was no big deal.

Uhh, it was a HUGE deal, Little Toe! Those are the types of plays we love to see from the players off the bench. Hey, when things are going right, everything goes right for the Yankees.

3. One Game, Five Home Runs

The Bronx Bombers are BACK! That’s right, the Yankees slugged five home runs against the Baltimore Orioles en route to a 16-3 victory Saturday night.

Hicks, Gregorius, Judge, Matt Holliday and Starlin Castro each belted home runs in the victory. All of these batters except Gregorius have at least 10 home runs on the season.

The thing about these home runs is they weren’t just cheap shots. They were demolished. The Yankees swung with authority and it paid off on a warm, spring evening.

So this may be a top play now but in the future with this lineup, I wouldn’t be surprised if this type of performance happens again.

2. Chris Carter Makes Money’s Worth

Okay, so not the entire contract. But you have to admit, Carter is heating up both at the plate and on the field.

Never really known for his stellar defensive abilities, Carter gave the Yankees a taste of what he’s capable of at first base. Carter robbed Jonathan Schoop of a base hit with a miraculous diving stop and flip to Luis Severino covering the bag.

Did I think he just hit home runs? Who knew that he actually knew how to play pretty solid defense? He’s no Mark Teixeira but at least we know he has the capability to make plays like that.

And the fact that Carter robbed Yankee-killer Schoop was just the cherry on top of a perfect top play sundae.

1. Aaron Judge Rules The Orioles

#AllRise for the honorable Judge. We know at least the Orioles are bowing down to him as he completely destroyed their pitching this weekend.

According to Katie Sharp on Twitter, Judge has posted a .479/.604/1.175 line against this Orioles this year and has slugged eight home runs off their pitching.

Well, that dominance was on full display yesterday, as Judge crushed two home runs against the O’s. Oh, and did I mention one traveled beyond the left field bleachers and was measured at 495 feet? No? How could I forget to mention that?

This man is an absolute machine. Crushing baseballs, making plays and putting up MVP numbers for the New York Yankees. It’s almost unfair how good he’s been.

And with the way things are going for him, I wouldn’t be surprised if some play of his is ranked number one next week. That’s just how it works, everyone.

So that’s all for this week! Here’s to another week of watching those Bronx Bombers dominate…this time on the opposite coast.

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