Didi Gregorius Is The Quiet Constant Keeping The New York Yankees Up
Jun 7, 2017; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius (18) follows through on a solo home run against the Boston Red Sox during the third inning at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Is it possible to have two MVPs on this year’s New York Yankees squad? Because shortstop Didi Gregorius deserves endless recognition.

When Didi Gregorius and the New York Yankees came together in 2014, we weren’t sure what exactly to expect.

Right now, Brian Cashman looks like a genius and the Yankees are incredibly blessed to have Sir Didi in their lineup.

With all the hype surrounding rookie Aaron Judge and returning star Gary Sanchez, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. That’s exactly what Gregorius is doing.

However, he is quietly putting up numbers that should earn him the title of team MVP, whether people are paying close attention to him or not.

Gregorius came in with big shoes to fill, starting on the heels of Derek Jeter’s retirement. So far, he has done well for the Yankees. However, this season he is performing out of his mind.

We all know that Judge is leading the American League in home runs (19) and his power is off the charts. Judge’s presence has commanded the full attention of fans.

But you can’t discount what Gregorius has been doing both at the plate and on the field. Since his return from injury, he’s been tearing the cover off the ball for the Yankees.

Gregorius has a .325 batting average this season. He has six home runs. While not as many as some of the bigger guys on the team, he’s displaying a powerful swing early on and getting the job done.

On the defensive side, Gregorius is as slick as they come at shortstop. He has only made one error in 330 innings played. He continues to dazzle on a daily basis in one of the most demanding positions on the diamond.

Gregorius’ dominance goes beyond those basic numbers at the plate. The left-handed batter continues his incredible tear against left-handed pitchers, posting a .357 batting average.

But then again, he’s pretty incredible against right-handed pitchers as well, batting over .300 in over 100 at-bats.

The great thing that Gregorius brings to the plate is consistency. While Judge has ups and downs, going through phases of multiple strikeouts, Gregorius has remained steady this entire season.

Currently, he is working on a 12-game hitting streak and has gotten at least one hit in all 10 games in June.

That is consistency and that is exactly what the Yankees have needed all along.

It’s not always about all the home runs. Sometimes that quiet consistency can help carry a team a long way. Gregorius is getting on base and making things happen. He is keeping the innings going for those massive home runs to happen.

While Judge is the loud, booming option for MVP for the Yankees so far this season, Gregorius is right behind him. But he contributes in a different way than Judge does.

They don’t need multiple big guys. They need production from the little guys, which is what they’re getting with Didi.

The attention is all on the rookie when Gregorius is the one that is consistently making things happen. Honestly, that’s okay with me as long as he continues what he’s doing.

Two MVPs? Some teams barely have one. Luckily, the New York Yankees have two players that have played huge roles in their success so far this season.

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