We’ve seen a lot of home runs from Aaron Judge on the New York Yankees but we’ve never seen one quite like this.

Pitching to Aaron Judge? Good luck.

Judge is currently leads the New York Yankees and the American League in home runs, adding another to his total earlier this evening.

And, ladies and gentlemen, this one was an absolute rocket.

Judge’s 19th home run of the short season may have only traveled 382 feet but it had an exit velocity of 121 MPH.

It’s official: Aaron Judge is the King of Statcast. He broke he record and the amazing thing is that he didn’t even look like he was trying.

Even better, that start to the Yankees game is good news. According to the ESPN Stats & Info Twitter account, the Yankees are 13-3 when Judge homers.

When he doesn’t homer, they are 22-20. With a team that is pretty good at winning, they don’t need Judge. But the Yankees are certainly enjoying his presence in their lineup.

Judge’s home run also started off a six-run inning for the Yankees in the first inning. When Judge hits, the whole world rejoices.

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