Pedro Martinez Is Still A Pain For The New York Yankees
Apr 1, 2016; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Former Montreal Expos player Pedro Martinez salutes the crowd during a ceremony before the game between teh Boston Red Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays at Olympic Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees may not have to face him anymore, but Pedro Martinez’ recent Twitter activity proves he’s still just as annoying.

The New York Yankees should have nothing against Pedro Martinez, right? After all, he DID seem to solve the issues surrounding starting pitcher Luis Severino.

Martinez worked with Sevvy in the offseason and now the Yankees are seeing a whole new pitcher. Thanks Pedro!

However, he has taken to Twitter in the past week to express his opinions and they’re not good news for Yankees fans.

First, he commented on how in shape David Ortiz was, teasing a potential comeback for the killer slugger. Of course, he followed up with a “lol, jk” tweet that basically meant nothing.

STILL. Don’t mess with us like that, Pedro. We just got rid of him…don’t try and stir the Sox into bringing him back!

Then, he went after Masahiro Tanaka, essentially saying that there’s no way he returns to form.

“I don’t see him getting any better,” Martinez says. Okay, so you didn’t see him bounce back with a 13 strikeout performance? He’s had good days and he’s had bad days…some more than others.

But to give up on Tanaka? And using his baseball analyst position to tell us Yankees fans what to think? Sorry, buddy but remember…who’s your daddy?

Oh, that’s right. The Yankees are. You may have done some great things for Luis Severino but that doesn’t excuse you from making comments about another starting pitcher.

Pedro Martinez is done throwing off the mound to the Yankees, so why is he still a massive thorn in the Yankees’ side?

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