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Kevin Durant Denies Staring Down Rihanna During Game 1 of NBA Finals

Kevin Durant lies to reporters after Game 1 on the NBA Finals by saying that he didn’t stare down Rihanna.

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant has denied that he starred singer Rihanna down during Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday.

Rihanna, who is a LeBron James fan, was at the game rooting for the Cavaliers. During the second half, she yelled  “brick” when Durant was at the free throw line. Then Durant hit a three-pointer in the fourth quarter to give the Warriors a 105-84 lead and proceeded to stare down the Queen Bee, according to USA Today.

After the game, the Warriors star said that he didn’t remember the stare down. Warriors guard Steph Curry then told him to “Don’t get into that trap, man.”  Durant replied by saying “I’m cool. Have fun with that.”

Kevin, why are you denying that you stared at the Queen Bee and said that u don’t remember doing that? We know you’re lying because six years ago you said that you wanted to marry the singer in question. You even got her to wish you a happy birthday, so what’s up with the lies?

Durant collected 38 points, eight assists and eight rebounds in Game 1. The Warriors won the game 113-91 to take a 1-0 lead in the Finals.

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