Good Guy Joe Girardi made his apology to the umpires before tonight’s game between the New York Yankees and the Kansas City Royals.

Joe Girardi made a scene the other evening, getting his money’s worth during Saturday’s New York Yankees game.

Tonight, he made up for it and then some. If you remember, Girardi went ballistic after being thrown out of the game after a coaches’ meeting on the mound.

And by ballistic, we mean taking it upon himself to cover home plate with mounds of dirt. Probably to prove that the umpire couldn’t see the plate anyway with his horrific calls.

Well, Girardi got back on the good side of the umpires by cleaning off home plate before Monday night’s contest at Yankee Stadium.

Girardi was called out to home plate prior to the game and dusted off home plate while the umpires looked on, laughing. Well, at least they all have a sense of humor.

Girardi’s odd outburst of anger was incredible and will be talked about for ages. Luckily, we have the follow-up on video as well.

Joe Girardi played along with the joke and us Yankees fans are incredibly thankful for it. Thanks for making us laugh instead of cry for once, Joe.

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