Clint Frazier Should Not Be A Trade Option For The New York Yankees
Mar 9, 2017; Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA; New York Yankees center fielder Clint Frazier (75) hits a grounder to short and scores a run during the sixth inning of an MLB spring training baseball game against the Atlanta Braves at Champion Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees can’t keep all of their prospects under their wing but they should highly consider keeping Clint Frazier.

Have you been keeping up with the New York Yankees farm system? You have? Excellent. Then you know about a little hitter named Clint Frazier.

Frazier came to the Yankees from the Cleveland Indians farm system and has made headlines for his brash attitude, gritty play and impressive power.

With the trade deadline looming closer, all the talk has been about which prospects should be the ones that will get the most in return. Frazier has been at the center of those talks.

He hasn’t necessarily sparkled like Gleyber Torres. He hasn’t thrown blazing fastballs like Chance Adams. He has been up and down on at the plate and needs maturing in the outfield.

However, what he has shown us so far has given us the idea that maybe we should be keeping him around, even if he’s not the top prospect.

The Yankees have their list of untouchables. Torres is on there. Mason Williams has been on there in the past. But Clint Frazier is a name that gets thrown around in trade talks.

But he shouldn’t be. Frazier got off to a slow start, sure, but Red Thunder is picking up the pace and proving why the Yankees coveted him in the first place.

He broke his bat over a his knee a couple of days ago and after that, he’s hit like fighting for his job. And he might be, especially with the sudden emergence of fellow prospect Dustin Fowler.

Frazier can hit, he can field and he can run. And when everything is working for him, there’s not one prospect who can fight him off. He’s determined to succeed and he’s vocal about his goals. He is young, fresh and ready for the challenges that the majors will throw his way.

Frazier is currently batting .248 on the season for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders. He has made his presence known in the outfield, specifically in left field. He has by no means been the best player on the field, leading fans to want to use him as trade bait.

The Yankees would not doubt get a good return from Frazier because of the upside that he has. And that’s exactly why the Yankees should be giving him a shot, despite their plethora of outfield prospects.

People will argue that because Frazier really hasn’t shown much in the Yankees organization, that he should be the first one to go. The problem is, some of the best prospects haven’t been incredibly impressive in the minors either.

Derek Jeter comes to mind. Yet when he was given a chance on the big stage, he excelled. In fact, he became a legend. Shouldn’t we be giving Frazier that chance to succeed as well?

We can’t give one prospect the benefit of the doubt while not giving that same luxury to another. It simply isn’t fair, but fans haven’t exactly been fair to Frazier from the beginning.

Is that why fans are aching to give him the boot? Because he has served as an unwarranted distraction? Or is it truly because of his lack of production currently?

What we have seen offensively from Frazier is incredibly promising. He has launched six home runs and timely, laser doubles. He has shown that he can take the off-field distractions prepared by the media and make it worthwhile.

Aaron Judge is in the major leagues, despite his short stint last season where he struck out numerous times. He was given another chance because he went out and proved himself. Frazier deserves that chance too.

The Yankees have been known in the past to stack up their farm systems and trade them away for talent that will win immediately. They didn’t have patience in the past. Now, they have the luxury of patience with their minor leaguers.

Instead of working to trade Frazier so soon, they should be taking the time to work with him and help him reach his potential. He has shown that he is more than capable; why can’t they continue to be patient with a player who might have the potential to be a superstar someday?

Forget Frazier in the trade talks; he stays right with the Yankees. Potential takes time to develop and with Frazier, it might not be right now…but it’s definitely worth the wait.

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