The Boston Celtics Beat the Cleveland Cavaliers: So, What? Let's All Calm Down
May 21, 2017; Cleveland, OH, USA; Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley (0) drives to the basket between Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) and guard JR Smith (5) during the second half in game three of the Eastern conference finals of the NBA Playoffs at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

In Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Boston Celtics defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers. Honestly, though, who cares? 

That’s right. Facing a devastating 0-2 hole in the Eastern Conference Finals, losing both at home, the Boston Celtics stunned the basketball-breathing world by taking out LeBron James and the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3.

The final score was 111-108 after Avery Bradley‘s left-wing 3-pointer touched every part of the rim before falling through. They even did it by pulling off a 21-point comeback at just the right time without Isaiah Thomas, their best player.

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Queue the stunned fans at the Quicken Loans Arena. Better yet, queue Twitter craziness and those who are begging for a competitive ounce play during the NBA Playoffs.

Thanks to the victory, the narrative can change for a couple of days. So-called experts can pose the question, “Can the Celtics actually pull this thing off?” I mean, they pretty much have to now that the Golden State Warriors are up three games to nothing on Gregg Popovich’s heartless San Antonio Spurs.

We know these playoffs have been a problem. And even with this knowledge, who in their right mind cares that Boston stole Game 3?

Does it really excite you to the bone? Does it provide enough hope to think that we’re looking at a long series here?

If it does, you may just be the most bright-eyed optimist to ever watch the game.

We’ve ridden this rollercoaster before. Too many times, in fact.

How many times over the last two years has the NBA world turned its head on these Cavs? Through rough patches, games sat out and drama galore, the media has cooked the squad’s goose. Earlier this season when it obvious the team took the regular season as a complete joke, the media was ready to crown somebody else the kings of the east.

This narrative has played out one too many times only to see LeBron get back to the promised land in relative ease while with The Land or South Beatch (six times running).

Despite a few major goofy headlines from those looking to make a splash and a slight touch of momentum alteration, the NBA Finals will once again showcase the Cavs and Dubs, for a third straight season.

The NBA, obviously, will and should hype up the rare moment that goes against the Cavs:

Despite playing horrifically, 11 points on 4-of-13 from the floor, James still won’t be criticized (and smartly) by Brad Stevens:

And, of course, you’ll have your Boston fans who should root their team on:

But then reality strikes and everybody realizes this is the NBA.

They realize this is the league that’s seen two teams, these Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers account for nearly 50 percent of the overall champions (47 percent to be exact). It’s a league that’s witnessed five teams (Celtics, Lakers, Warriors, Spurs and Chicago Bulls), win over 70 percent of the league’s past championships.

Those bright-eyed optimists even have to sit back and take in the fact that the immortals rule the NBA hardwood, no matter what. LeBron James is an immortal. Boston has no immortals.

In fact, the better question than, “Why would anybody be excited about the Celtics stealing Game 3,” might be, “How is the NBA this popular?”

We already know who’s going to win. We’ve known it since play officially started on this season back near Halloween. We’ve known the Cavs and the Dubs were on a collision course for the NBA Finals for the third consecutive season for many many months now; years, even.

Therefore, who are these people loving this league so much?

It’s social media, baby. Adam Silver’s a terrific commissioner and social media, a source that lends its success to young people, does wonders for the NBA. It’s the league that feasts off young people who love big personalities.

And even they know Boston has zero chance to win the east.

Boston fans, pay attention: while we may not like you over here in New York, you may feel enthused for a couple of days. Just please don’t overwhelm yourself with delusions of grandeur.

The Cavs will win the east once again. In fact, let’s double down. Should Boston win Game 4, there should still be little excitement. Don’t believe it until you see it. We’ve traveled down that road 100 too many times.

Wake me up with Game 1 of the NBA Finals is ready to tip-off.

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