A list inspired by the New York Yankees manager’s latest ejection, ESNY takes a look back at the greatest freakouts by Joe Girardi post-ejection.

It’s not every day that you can perform a phenomenal impression of Billy Martin, but New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi has accepted that challenge and has run with it since earning the job since 2008.

Yes, along with being a really good manager, Girardi does a phenomenal job at responding to ejections. Whether it’s the bulging veins, finger wagging, hat throwing or kicking dirt, No. 28 is a flat-out natural at letting an umpire hear it.

And whether you’re an old-school or new-school type of baseball fan, watching a manager get his money’s worth is nevertheless entertaining.

So, thanks to his latest ejection during a 9-5 loss to Tampa Bay on Saturday, ESNY has assembled a list of Joe Girardi’s most memorable ejections:

5. No Balk? No Problem

In the top of the fourth inning during a contest between the Orioles and Yankees at Camden Yards on May 5, 2016, Girardi was tossed by Chris Guccione after a balk was not called on opposing pitcher Kevin Gausman.

After barking throughout Carlos Beltran’s at bat, Guccione tossed Girardi causing a feisty screaming match at Camden Yards in between innings.

Girardi was tossed in the dugout, yelled at Guccione face-to-face before the umpire made a huge mistake by trying to get the last word in. The Yankee manager, while walking back to his dugout, heard the comment then turned right around to yell some more.

It was an overall heated exchange and while no dirt was kicked, you have to give points to the skipper for his determination at the end.


4. Adjusting The Strikezone

After being ejected by home plate Scott Barry in the bottom of the fifth inning after pitching coach Larry Rothschild was tossed after a visit to the mound on Saturday, Girardi made sure to get his hands dirty while getting his money’s worth.

Girardi followed the 37th ejection of his career by marching over to home plate and symbolizing how he felt about Barry’s strike zone throughout the contest by burying it with the dirt surrounding it.

It’s that kind of reaction where you sit back, relax and enjoy the show because with instant replay in the picture, very rarely do we get to see a manager go bananas like this.

3. You Won’t Like Him When He’s Angry…

On Monday, May 6, 2014, the most peaceful duo in all of sports — Laz Diaz and Joe Girardi — went mono-e-mono during a one-run game in Anaheim.

The home plate umpire called a low 1-0 pitch from Angels’ righty Jered Weaver to Brett Gardner a strike. It inspired Girardi to bolt out of the Yankee dugout to face Diaz. Next thing we knew, there was shouting, finger pointing, hat tossing and probably a couple of words that shouldn’t be said at the dinner table.

When the dust settled and Girardi left the field, Gardner struck out before Derek Jeter hit into an inning-ending double play, ending a bases-loaded, no out threat.

2. No One Likes A Clean Hat

His first ejections as a Yankee manager, Girardi brought the heat in front of a packed crowd the old Yankee Stadium. Oh and this was vs. Chirs Guccione as well.

Following an inside pitch to Jason Giambi that Guccione thought tipped the knob of the bat before landing in the catcher’s glove, Girardi looked like the perfect mix of Billy Martin and Lou Pinella, which sent the Bronx faithful into an uproar.

After getting the hook, the skipper slammed his cap to the dirt, picked it up, slammed it again before kicking it toward the backstop. But, he wasn’t done as he came back for more before exiting. All in all, it was an interesting chain of events.

1. Girardi Has Your Back, A-Rod

Due to context, this easily earned a top spot on our list.

When Alex Rodriguez was appealing his suspension for his role in the Biogenesis scandal in 2013 Many opposing pitchers like Ryan Dempster were not fans of the appeal. The righty, in front of a primetime crowd at Fenway Park, took it upon themselves to bring “justice.” Dempster threw three pitches far inside on A-Rod before plunking him on the fourth.

Following the hit-by-pitch, home plate umpire Brian O’Nora issued warnings to both dugouts as Girardi sprinted out of the Yankees’ dugout, motioning wildly, shouting and throwing his hat — which is seemingly a common gesture. Girardi was tossed after getting into O’Nora’s face and when his flailing arms looked more like punch attempts.

The Yankees, who trailed 2-0 at the time of Girardi’s ejection, took the game by a score of 9-6 thanks to the ultimate payback — a home run off Dempster later on by Rodriguez.

Which ejection was your favorite? Are there any that didn’t crack the list? How entertaining are Girardi’s ejections to you? Let your voice be heard in the comments below!