Potential Explanations Behind Alex Rodriguez's Strange Pre-Game Notes
May 17, 2017; Kansas City, MO, USA; New York Yankees former third baseman Alex Rodriguez talks with broadcaster Rex Hudler before the game against the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we’ve let the peculiar pre-game notes from former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez settle, we have some potential explanations.

Will former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez ever actually curb our curiosity by revealing what his pre-game notes actually mean?

No, he won’t. Because nosy fans like ourselves decided to zoom in and poke fun at the superstar for his questionable “to-do” list.


On the surface, fans though they had it all figured out. This list seemed to have three items on it, which included “Birth control,” “Baby” and “Pull out stuff.”


Basically, it looks like A-Rod is unsure if he wants a baby with his current girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. Or maybe he’s planning to have “the talk” with his two daughters, one of whom is seemingly old enough to help him run his business.

But there have to be other explanations. There just have to be. And here’s ours.

On Thursday night, Joe Girardi left his managing role to play the role of father and attend his daughter’s high school graduation. Girardi’s management has been questioned so far this season. Is A-Rod looking to replace Joe?

His plan consists of using birth control to make Girardi more emotional, more susceptible to outbursts that might make the Yankees finally kiss his contract goodbye.

“Baby” stands for the Baby Bombers, who he has been working with. The plan is to get him on his side, to help encourage the Yankees brass that he’s the perfect man to coach these Bombers.

Lastly, “pull out stuff” clearly means pulling out his old uniform, glove and cleats in preparation for the management role.

Or maybe he simply is putting “Baby” on the list to call Derek Jeter and encourage him to name his daughter Alexandra or Rodriga.

Could it be true? Or are we just making this into a huge thing when it’s just nothing? Sometimes you just have to laugh. But we all have made assumptions; why not make some ridiculous ones too?

Besides, J-Rod seems to be crazy in love anyway. If he’s willing to visit her on set, he’s willing to have another baby with her.

And if A-Rod ends up becoming the next manager of the New York Yankees, I won’t say I told you so.

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