***Warning: Video includes NSFW language

We all saw New York Yankees third baseman Chase Headley get tossed. Now we get to hear exactly what he said to umpire Adrian Johnson.

You’ve been warned. Chase Headley, unfortunately, was not warned before the umpire promptly tossed him out of Friday night’s loss.

We heard the umpire’s side of the story. Now we get to finally hear what exactly Chase Headley said to get him the boot from the game.

And let’s just say, Headley used some choice words in his argument with the ump. His colorful vocabulary right off the bat might have had something to do with his ejection instead of a warning.

We saw the PG version on television and questioned just how angry Headley was. Now, we get to listen to him rant over what “f***ing bulls***” it was that he got tossed.

And I agree, don’t you? Everything was calm one minute and after a word between two old teammates turned ugly.


Too bad we don’t get to hear the umpire’s choice words to Headley but at least we got to see exactly HOW passionate Headley was about the situation, thanks to Twitter user @Jomboy_.

I haven’t heard that many f-bombs in one minute since my last visit to Boston.

But this isn’t the first time Headley has dropped profanities to show emotion this season. He did it earlier when he made a diving grab to rob Manny Machado of a base hit.

He probably did it on Sunday after his bases-clearing triple. Maybe Headley isn’t as clean-cut as we were originally led to believe.

Regardless of the words he used, at least we got the full story of what was said. Most importantly, we got a lot of entertainment out of it.

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