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New York Yankees: Chase Headley Gets Tossed By Adrian Johnson (Video)


New York Yankees third baseman Chase Headley was ridiculously ejected by home plate umpire Adrian Johnson for seemingly no reason. 

After New York Yankees third baseman Chase Headley took a pitch off the hand and needed a second before getting back in the box, all home plate umpire Adrian Johnson gave him was an early exit.

When Headley re-entered the box after manager Joe Girardi checked on the status of his hand — which was hit by a 91.4 mph cutter from Astros reliever Will Harris on a bunt attempt — it seemed as though Johnson took exception to how long it took Headley to get back in.

Headley turned toward him, Johnson stepped forward and next thing we knew, there was a screaming match in the Bronx. Fingers were being pointed, helmets were slammed and Headley ended up getting tossed from Friday’s contest before Girardi could intervene.

Most of the time, umpires are regularly justified for their ejections. But once in a while, you see times where they just escalate things to places the situation didn’t belong. This is one of those times and I’m sure many fans are glad Headley got his money’s worth on that one.