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ESNY’s Countdown to Derek Jeter Day: The Flip (Video)


Another gem from the 2001 postseason, Derek Jeter’s flip play didn’t just guide the New York Yankees to victory, it sealed his legacy.

While there are some incredible shortstops in the league, but there are none quite like Derek Jeter in his time on the New York Yankees.

While Jeter’s defense is definitely not in the top percentile, he has made some stellar plays just out of instinct.

That is where “The Flip” comes into the picture. You know, the epic toss from Jeter in foul territory to Jorge Posada to nab a hustling Jeremy Giambi at home plate?

Yeah, like you didn’t already have that entire sequence playing on a loop in your head when you think of “Derek Jeter’s Top Plays.”

“The Flip” itself was incredible. What might be even more impressive is WHY it happened.

Because it shouldn’t have happened. The throw should have trickled to Posada at home plate and Giambi would have scored. The Oakland A’s would have had the momentum and would have likely taken Game Three at home.

But Jeter…Jeter was in the right place at the right time. And, honestly, I don’t believe that was a fluke.

Jeter’s field presence was one of the great things we all admired about him during his time in the Bronx. He didn’t belong on that side of the field. But he witnessed a sailing throw and reacted.

And ultimately ended up with one of the greatest plays you will ever see. Although Michael Kay says that a lot, he, unfortunately, didn’t get the opportunity to call that one.

Jeter’s play was awe-inspiring, incredible and, simply put, unforgettable. Do you think a shortstop nowadays would be shading towards the first base line to help with a play?

Jeter knew right where to be and he did it. He made a remarkable play, did what he had to do and ultimately saved the Yankees from playoff elimination.

Now that doesn’t happen every day. And with Jeter gone from the game, I don’t see it happening again anytime soon.

“The Flip” lives on in the minds of baseball fans across the sport as a savvy and unexpected play.

Thank you, Derek Jeter, for gracing us with such a memory in your time on the ball field. Even more, thanks go to Shane Spencer, whose god-awful throw made that play happen.


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