The New York Yankees are winning on and off the field with this hilarious parody ad starring newly minted backstop Gary Sanchez.

You’ll never look at #IAmGary the same way again. You know, the hashtag New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez uses in every one of his tweets.

Now the hashtag has a new meaning, as Yankees On Demand released their new ad, a perfume commercial parody featuring the newest catcher’s scent, #IAmGary.

If you thought any of their other commercials were cheesy, let’s just say this one might just take the (cheese)cake.

Sanchez is featured in a black and white montage of close-ups of his face, his forearms and his swing, all while a narrator describes the “power and precision” behind the newest perfume concoction.

All is going well until relief pitcher Adam Warren discovers the perfume resting on the shelf above his locker. What is this #IAmGary?

Warren then tests the perfume himself, smelling the glorious scent while thinking about pitch framing. Ah, it must smell simply intoxicating.

The commercial ends with Warren commenting on Sanchez’ perfume line as being a “grand slam,” where I immediately burst out laughing.

You’ve got to admit, the concept is pretty darn good. Adding Warren in on the action just makes it that much more entertaining.

If there’s one thing we know about this Yankees team, it’s that they know how to have fun. Let these guys stay loose because it is working for them right now.

My prediction: Sanchez’ #IAmGary perfume immediately sells out and the culprit will be Adam Warren.

The real question is, does it come with superhuman strength too? A cannon for an arm? My guess is it will be just as good as a radioactive spider bite for Warren.


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