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New York Yankees: Aaron Hicks Takes Impeccable Route To Ball (Video)

New York Yankees left fielder Aaron Hicks put his dazzling fielding skills into use on Sunday night at Wrigley Field, well, kind of.

In the bottom of the third inning of the New York Yankees Sunday night matchup against the Cubs, Aaron Hicks took an “interesting” route to a home run ball.

Cubs second baseman Javier Baez launched a solo home run off Luis Severino and Hicks looked completely lost. He just threw his arms up in the air thinking it might be on the field of play. He was dead wrong.

The Yankees switch-hitter even had the camera crew fooled. Thinking Hicks knew where he was going, ESPN directed their cameras to the left-fielder rather than the ball itself.

He may have a cannon for an arm, but maybe he should work on his eyes as well because clearly, those aren’t functioning too well.

However, Hicks should not feel too down about this minor fopaux considering he recorded four hits last night which included a three-run homer.


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