The world can never get enough of former New York Yankees goof Nick Swisher and FOX Sports gave us a healthy dose of Swisher Friday night.

I don’t know about you, but while the New York Yankees have been winning, I’ve been finding myself missing the antics of Nick Swisher.

FOX Sports has claimed Swisher as an MLB analyst and the entire world owes them a huge favor.

Swisher finished off his first week of work at FOX Sports by having a little bit of fun. Well, it’s Swisher, what did you expect?

Swisher first snuck up on Alex Rodriguez, who was rehearsing in the FOX Sports studio. Swisher took on the role of announcer, hilariously introducing A-Rod like he was back in New York.

Ah, cue the 2009 nostalgia. The bromance is still alive and well between the World Series champions.

After shooting the breeze, Swish insisted on a “team picture” with him and A-Rod. Which, of course, ended with him sporting a classic Swisher face for the camera.

But Swish wasn’t done yet. He welcomed new broadcaster Jay Cutler to the FOX Sports family by making him into the butt of the joke.

We knew Swish was going to throw a joke in there but this one was incredibly golden. Cutler, you’ve just been Swished.

After watching this, you can’t honestly say that you don’t miss this charismatic slice of sunshine.

Swisher gave the Yankees entertainment for years. Now he’s entertaining the world and we can’t thank FOX Sports enough for it.

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