The Lit Six: New York Yankees Top Plays from 4/17-4/22
Apr 22, 2017; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; New York Yankees second baseman Starlin Castro (14) and right fielder Aaron Judge (R) and shortstop Ronald Torreyes (L) celebrate after defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park. The Yankees won 11-5. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees continued their torrid start and made quite a few great plays on the way to a victorious week.

From Monday to Sunday, the New York Yankees continued their hot streak, going for a solid 3-2 record while facing some great competition.

Of course, there were bumps along the way, specifically with a sloppy game in Pittsburgh. But through the rough spots, there were some incredible moments.

Here we go, ladies and gentlemen! Here are the top six plays from the New York Yankees for this week.

6. Little Toe, Big Play

Ronald Torreyes has done his job and so much more since Didi Gregorius got injured. That includes his work at third base.

In Tuesday’s 4-1 loss to the Chicago White Sox, Torreyes showed off his chops at third base when Chase Headley was given the day off.

Shifted over, Torreyes found his way back to the ball and made a nice backhanded stab, completing the throw to first to nab Omar Narvaez. Okay, Torreyes, we see you. Besides that, he’s also red-hot at the plate, going 4-for-5 in Saturday’s win.

Keep it up, Little Toe!

5. Ellsbury using speed

Jacoby Ellsbury has been hitting at a solid pace so far this year but he demonstrated excellent awareness of the field this week.

Down in the bottom of seventh to the White Sox, Ellsbury saw the shift was on and knew they needed base runners. So he did what he has done best.

He used his speed to get on base.

While that rally was quickly squelched, the execution of Ellsbury’s perfect bunt hopefully makes more people aware of that option, instead of constantly slugging for the fences.

Ellsbury has the speed, for sure. He just has to make sure to use it to his advantage.

4. Judge goes yard… Again

Would it be a Lit Six without at least one Aaron Judge highlight? Even more true, without a Judge home run?

Yesterday, Judge launched a solo shot to put the Yankees up 11-5 over the Pirates in the top of the ninth inning. It wasn’t the meaning behind the home run, it was about the home run itself.

Judge smashed the home run 457 feet into left center field and the announcers were in awe. With a guy who has been crushing home runs at the rate Judge has, this one was incredibly impressive.

This is his sixth of the season but there are sure to be plenty more. Right now, I’ll watch this highlight on a loop until his next one.

3. Heading Straight Home

Chase Headley has been on a tear since game one and that hasn’t slowed down.

One day after he sat on the bench, Headley came right back into the swing of things. A home run swing, I guess.

Headley slugged a two-run shot in the first inning against the White Sox to give the Yankees an early lead in their eventual 9-1 victory. That Tuesday night bomb has given Yankees fans, even more, to cheer about from their top hitter. It also was incredible to watch.

So I hope Joe Girardi has learned a thing or two. A hot Headley is a Headley you want in the lineup every day.

2. Judge’s leaping catch

Aaron Judge doesn’t just get it done at the plate, he gets it done in the field too. We’ve seen him hit bombs but now he robs them too. Judge robbed Andrew McCutchen of a hit in the bottom of the fifth inning to help keep the Yankees within striking distance.

Judge used every inch of his 6-foot-7 frame to haul in the ball, nonchalantly throwing it back into the infield. Completely oblivious to the impressive nature of the catch, Judge didn’t share the same excitement as fans.

Judge’s defense has been on display for the past few weeks but I think this might be his finest play yet.

1. Chris Carter comes through

It’s about time Chris Carter got his first home run for the Yankees (aside from spring training). And it came at just the right moment for the Yankees.

Tie game, at risk of losing the second game in a row. No problem for Carter, who came in to pinch-hit for Dellin Betances. Carter smacked his three-run shot to put the Yankees in the lead for good.

Carter became the second Yankee of all-time to hit a pinch-hit home run against the Pirates, according to Katie Sharp.

It was an impressive hit and it gave the Yankees the lead. All in a day’s work for the reigning co-home run leader for the National League.

That is it for this week, folks! The hits just keep coming for the Yankees and the excitement is keeping fans around for the ride.

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