New York Yankees Legend Dave Winfield Makes Appearance In The Bronx (Video)

Things were clicking tonight for the New York Yankees and Hall of Fame legend Dave Winfield was on hand for it all.

New York Yankees fans are used to seeing Dave Winfield in the outfield. Imagine catching a glimpse of him in the stands.

Fans got a treat Friday night when the former right fielder for the Yankees made an appearance in the stands during the contest between the Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals.

The 12-time All-Star and Hall of Famer took in the contest and got to see a sharp Masahiro Tanaka make a comeback from his recent struggles.

Winfield called the Bronx home from 1981 until 1990 before he was traded to the California Angels. Winfield also won one World Series in his career with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Since his retirement, Winfield has remained close to the game. He spent time as an analyst for ESPN while also serving as special assistant to Tony Clark at the Major League Baseball Players Association.

Winfield also focused on giving back, which he did through his David M. Winfield Foundation. Winfield also did work in helping famed shortstop Derek Jeter establish his Turn2 Foundation and raise money.

While Winfield’s time in the Bronx was marred with controversy over feuds with George Steinbrenner, his presence in the Bronx is still greatly appreciated.

Then again, with the Yankees, it is always likely some Hall of Fame player will be in the stands watching. That’s just New York.