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LeBron James Previews Kendrick Lamar’s New Album On Instagram (Video)

Cleveland Cavaliers Star LeBron James took to Instagram on Thursday and previewed some tunes from Kendrick Lamar’s new album a day before it’s release.

While NBA Playoff basketball is about to get underway, Cleveland Cavaliers megastar LeBron James was seen on Instagram on Thursday jamming out to some music from Kendrick Lamar’s new unreleased album “Damn.”.

James has been a long time supporter of Kendrick Lamar, he even encouraged Lamar to release his album full of untitled tracks which he debuted last year.

While the album does not officially release until Friday, it is not surprising James got his paws on a copy earlier than everyone else. This was the same case with Drake’s most recent album ‘More Life’.

James posted these lyrics on Twitter to ‘Lose You’ by Drake months before the song even released, but as far as we know, James didn’t receive the Kendrick tunes that far in advance.

Nonetheless, LeBron James is truly living the life, reigning NBA champion and receiving all of the top projects in hip-hop before they even release to the public. Must be nice.


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