Fan Jumps In Pool To Retrieve Giancarlo Stanton Home Run Ball (Video)

One fan attending Wednesday’s Marlins game was not afraid to get a little wet in order to retrieve a Giancarlo Stanton home run ball.

In Wednesday’s Marlins game against the Atlanta Braves, Giancarlo Stanton launched a rocket of a home run off Jamie Garcia which ended up landing in the pool in left field.

One fan saw this as a prime opportunity to acquire some game-used memorabilia so he jumped into the pool and retrieved the home run ball, getting soaking wet in the mean time.

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Fans have shown over the years that they will do just about anything to get a baseball to take home with them and on Wednesday, cannonballing into a pool was added to that list.

As the fan was helped out of the pool he was congratulated by his fellow fans and now has a story he can pass down for generations and tell everybody he knows that he had his five seconds of fame.

So, if you ever get the opportunity to jump into a pool for a home run ball, do it.

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