New York Yankees: Aaron Judge Has Catch With Lucky Fan (Video)

New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge decided to treat a lucky fan to a game of catch during batting practice on Wednesday.

During batting practice on Wednesday afternoon, New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge decided to have some fun with a lucky fan by having a game of catch.

This is an occurrence that we have seen throughout baseball more and more within the past few years, players interacting more heavily with fans as ever before.

With Aaron Judge being only 24 years of age, he can relate to being a fan in the crowd since it was not too long ago. On Wednesday, he gave one fan the memory of a lifetime by simply having a small catch.

This could have happened as a result of the right-fielder being in such a great mood due to the solid season he is having so far. In seven games, Judge is sporting a .261/.320/.565 slash line with two home runs and four RBI’s.

Hopefully for the Yankees, Judge continues this hot streak and possibly hits a home run on Wednesday afternoon to make it three straight games going yard.


  1. Well, Judge did hit another homer on Wednesday afternoon, a bomb into the netting beyond the center field.fence, his third in three games. We may take notice of the fact that his hits have been timely, on two occasions tying games. We can only hope that this likable behemoth can continue to barrel up enough pitches to stay in the lineup.He seems like a quality person and a fine athlete. I saw Frank Howard play, and I think this young man is a better athlete, certainly a better fielder…and clearly, better spoken.