MLB: A Definitive Ranking Of The Best All-Time Cat Moments in Baseball
Apr 11, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins left fielder Christian Yelich (21) and right fielder Giancarlo Stanton (27) watch as a security guard attempts to remove a cat from the field during the game against the Atlanta Braves at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

With last night’s purr-fuffle down in Miami, we take a look back at some of the greatest cat moments during MLB games.

How can you care so much about the outcome of an MLB game when America’s pastime was interrupted by a fluffy feline streaking across the field?

Nobody recalls the score of last night’s Atlanta BravesMiami Marlins match-up because all of the focus ended up being on the uninvited “Rally Cat” who used Marlins Park as his own personal playground.

This hilarious incident is not uncommon by any means. Cats have made several unscheduled on-field appearances over the years and “Rally Cat” certainly won’t be the last.

How do they get in? Where are they hiding? Do they have an alternative feline league at the ready in case the MLB fails? The Meow-ami Marlins? The Pittsburgh Purr-ites?

I could seriously go on all day. However, here are some of the greatest cat appearances in the Major Leagues.

5. San Diego Padres at New York Mets: 4/13/09 

It was the first home game for the Mets at Citi Field. After that night, we might as well have referred to it as Kitty Field.

The orange tabby emerged from the stands and casually wandered around the park. Hey, he probably just wanted to see what the new field looked like! No harm in that.

The problem is, the orange tabby was not quite the player the Mets were looking for to help them. And they ended up losing that game 5-0.

It’s safe to say that Mr. Tabby was asked to clean out his locker after the game.

4. Mets at Marlins: 9/7/11

It was a little early for Halloween but don’t tell this black cat that. This little guy sprinted around the perimeter before finding solace in the stands.

Even better, the FOX Sports reporter wanted to get him in for an interview. Sadly, he was declining to comment about the incident at that time.

The frisky feline got his five seconds of fame and now resides in a quiet Florida town, chasing mice in peace.

3. St. Louis Cardinals at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: 5/12/16

There may be angels in the outfield but there are also kitties in the infield for this Los Angeles squad.

A fur-ocious feline showed off his agility and speed while dodging players and fans during the contest between the Cardinals and Angels last May.

In what is likely an audition for the upcoming feature film “The Fast and the Furriest,” this orange tabby raced through the infield before jumping into the stands and eventually ending up in the arms of an Angels’ staff member.

It has been reported that after the Angels brought him to the adoption agency, his new family realized they now have the quickest kitty on this side of the Mississippi.

2. Braves at Marlins: 4/11/17

I guess the cats can’t stay away from those fish! Of course this recent cat-astrophe has to be on this list. The pure athleticism and grace under pressure makes this kitty the top dog.

While hiding from Giancarlo Stanton, the “Rally Cat” looked to have no escape. However, it showcased some insane athletic skills. Marlins, sign this cat up!

The cat, who is likely around 10″ tall on all fours, scaled the scoreboard to escape to freedom…where it ultimately decided was a comfortable place to watch the rest of the game.

“Rally Cat” encouraged the Marlins to surge ahead to victory. But really we were far more interested in this cat than the rest of the game.

  1. Chicago Cubs vs. Mets: September 1969

What is it with the Mets and cats? Luckily, this black cat jinxed the Cubs instead of the home team.

In perhaps the most ominous of circumstances, this black cat found its way on to the field and sauntered past the Cubs on-deck circle. And just like that, the Cubs had their luck change.

The Curse of the Black Cat haunted the Cubs for decades, as that same year, they’re opponents went on to win a World Series championship. But at least he’s a cute cat, right Cubs fans?

Witch, warlock or kitty conjurer. Essentially, whatever you want to call this creature who bestowed a curse upon the Cubs, that cat made one stroll across a ballpark into an unforgotten piece of history.

Currently they allow dogs at the parks for certain games. I think we’ve all just seen how cats are entertaining and knowledgeable about the game. They want some recognition too!

Baseball is for the dogs? Nope, I think “Rally Cat” just prove baseball is for the cats only.



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