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Fan Hilariously Falls After Snagging Bat During New York Yankees Win (Video)

Following the New York Yankees victory over the Tampa Bay Rays, a bat flew into the crowd leaving a fan falling onto the ground.

On the final pitch of the New York Yankees matchup against the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday, Rays infielder Daniel Roberston struck out and had his bat go flying into the crowd.

Once the bat hit the seats, everyone around the landing spot ran over to the bat to try and grab it and take home a special souvenir. However, the winner of that lucky game-used bat didn’t have his night the way he expected it to.

As seen in the video, the man in the orange shirt was able to run over and grab the bat before anyone else, but after grabbing it, he couldn’t keep his balance and wound up falling down a few steps.

The highlight of this whole scenario was that after the man who grabbed the bat fell, not one person went over to go help him back up. In fact, one fan just stood in front of him staring with a glove in his hand.

This event does go to show something, fans will do virtually do anything in order to get their hands on game-used equipment, even if it means putting their body on the line.

Maybe Robertson will be able to keep the bat in his hands next time around, however, it is tough to do so when he was facing Aroldis Chapman‘s rocket fastballs.

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