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Tanaka, Sanchez Highlight Latest New York Yankees On Demand Ad

The newest New York Yankees On Demand ad follows the struggles of Gary Sanchez and Masahiro Tanaka when it comes to lunch and communication.

Have you ever seen two GOATs eating lunch? Maybe you have, but you’ve never seen it quite like this.

Gary Sanchez and Masahiro Tanaka show off their acting chops in the latest New York Yankees On Demand ad when they decide what to do for lunch (and ultimately, dessert).

Even better? Their translators get some air time, assisting the two in communicating with each other. Sanchez, who primarily speaks Spanish, and Tanaka, who communicates in Japanese, teach Yankees fans the struggle of language barriers when it comes to something as simple as ordering food.

Tanaka and Sanchez go back and forth, with the assistance of their translators, before ultimately deciding on the best food in the world: Pizza!

The child-like enthusiasm shown when the decision has been reached is incredible. The reaction is pure excitement for Sanchez and Tanaka and pure relief for their translators.

Of course, like any Average Joe, dessert comes next. With that comes another back-and-forth conversation.

Clearly, these two are gaining something from their little lunch dates. Tanaka, who has 23.2 innings under his belt this spring, has compiled a stellar 0.38 ERA while striking out 28 batters.

Sanchez has dazzled both at and behind the plate as well. He is batting .348 while driving in 13 runs and has gunned down six runners this spring.

Talk about a power couple. These guys better continue their little translator lunch dates if it means we get to see this kind of production from them.

With three commercials in three days, fans have been officially blessed with some good, old-fashioned entertainment. The question is, will there be more?

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