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New York Yankees: First On Demand Commercial Stars The Three Best Friends

The New York Yankees released their first On Demand commercial for this season with a hairy Matt Holliday that is well worth the watch.


That’s right, folks. The New York Yankees have taken to their second season of On Demand commercials. Last year’s cheesy spots featured reenactments from movies such as Stepbrothers and The Sandlot while also creatively using their players and their personalities in original ads.

This season, we have been blessed with the arrival of the latest installment, which stars Didi Gregorius, Starlin Castro and, wait. Matt Holliday? Is that you, Matt, hiding beneath that lumberjack beard?

Wait… Does that mean the facial hair policy has FINALLY changed?

With Gregorius and Castro focusing on the excitement surrounding the upcoming baseball season, chanting and hollering about bringing baseball back, Holliday is focused on something else.

Of course, he pulls a Zach Galifianakis and breaks into song about being the “three best friends that anyone could have.”

The eerie part? He looks exactly like the character Allen that it’s almost creepy.

In short, the acting is poor (they’re baseball players, for goodness sake) and the premise is ridiculous, but Holliday knocks it out of the park. Pun absolutely intended.

Besides, Holliday is the odd man out, the newcomer to a team that has spent time developing together. So basically his role is perfection in every way.

Hopefully, this Wolfpack can become a real thing this season. Gregorius and Castro already solidified their partnership last season, becoming the first Yankees double play duo to each slug at least 20 home runs. Looks like there’s room for one more in the mix.

Once Gregorius returns from injury, the Wolfpack will be intact and we’ll see if that comradery can translate from the commercial spotlight to the field.

What comes next? Perhaps a commercial starring Brett Gardner possibly “bird-watching” a specific cat-loving first baseman? Very specific, but we shall have to wait and see.

For now, spend your Monday obsessing over Holliday, Starlin and the glasses-clad, professional-looking Gregorius.

Thank you, Yankees On Demand, for helping provide us with a cure for the Monday blues. Now, how about curing those Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays blues?

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