Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor: Why Does Anyone Still Care?
Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t believe the hype: Floyd Mayweather has been in full blown fight-promo mode, calling Conor McGregor out at public appearances in the UK. 

Mythical matchup alert: Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor is apparently heating up, again.

Mayweather has spent the majority of his UK speaking tour baiting McGregor with some pretty standard trash-talk; the words punk, duck and bitch have been thrown around in cringe-inducing fashion. Because never before have we heard professional prizefighters (guys who literally fight for a living) call other prizefighters scared to get them to fight. Besides the hundreds of millions of dollars, things weren’t much different on the middle school playground.

Don’t believe the hype. Whether or not the fight actually happens, whether it’s a legitimate contest: none of it. Besides the fact the fight has been “close” at least five times (one of those instances we covered a month ago) its outcome is predetermined.

Where the bout is fought, if it does take place, will be dictated by the “Money” man. That’d be Mayweather, he’s amassed nearly $800 million over his 20-year career.

Mayweather would use McGregor’s face for target practice in a boxing ring. The fight would last as long as he wanted it to. Conor would braid Floyd’s arms and legs together inside the octagon. None will be the wiser.

The most troubling sign of all is who’s playing the part of antagonist. It isn’t the guy who has catapulted to international prominence in recent years, the guy you’d assume would want his name attached to a more established star. It’s been Mayweather, the one who made over $300 million for one fight less than two years ago, practically begging the public to pressure McGregor into signing a contract.

Mayweather’s motives seem obvious, though puzzling. A McGregor fight probably nets him another $100 million, but he’s already a hundred-millionaire. Pushing his feud with McGregor keeps him relevant, but he’s already front-and-center for Mayweather Promotions. He’d tell you they’re the past, present and future of sports and entertainment.

These accolades are, apparently, not enough to satisfy Mayweather. Cars, women, jewelry; Floyd lives a life of excess and does so without apology. He’s given the public fights they didn’t want before (Andre Berto, namely), he’d have no qualms about insulting the fans’ intelligence once more. And many will know better, but watch anyway.