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New York Yankees: Gary Sanchez Follows Single With Boss-Like Bat Flip (Video)

New York Yankees young stud Gary Sanchez showed off his sweet swing and followed it with an even sweeter-looking bat flip. 

Just when New York Yankees fans think they can’t get enough of Gary Sanchez, he does something like this to make you want him to sign a 20-year deal now.

OK, OK. Not all of you may be fans of the bat flip but as a big fan of it myself, this gets a 10-out-of-10.

In the bottom of the first during New York’s spring training contest with the Philadelphia Phillies, Sanchez ripped a line drive into centerfield for a base hit and then ended the play with a sweet flip of the lumber.

It may not have been a 500-foot home run in Game 7 of the World Series, but hey, it’s spring training. You have to be able to find entertainment in the little things.

The Yankees are certainly entertained with Gary’s play, as he entered Wednesday’s contest with a .345/.367/.828 slash line with four home runs in 11 spring training games. That’s coming off a rookie season in which he became the fastest rookie in baseball history to reach the 18 home run mark.