Let’s shed some light on some of the forgotten New York Yankees who have avoided the spotlight during this past decade. 

The New York Yankees and their timeless traditions have been around for decades. There have been famous names, like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Thurman Munson, who have made their mark on baseball through their time on the Yankees.

Then there have been the others. The no-name players who contributed to World Series Championships. The lesser-known names that played key roles in American League dominance.

We are gathered here today to bring some inkling of a memory to the players that may not get the recognition of Derek Jeter and Don Mattingly. No, we are here to honor those who were on the Yankees, yet managed to stay out of the spotlight.

This slideshow marks the start of a series that will go through forgotten Yankees players from the decades. And trust me, there are a lot. Hopefully, it’ll make you think that while the Gary Sanchez’ and Dellin Betances’ steal the spotlight, those smaller players can make world of difference.

And ten years from now, you might not remember them. But they were there and they were Yankees.

Here are five forgotten players on the New York Yankees from the past decade. Here we go.

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