3. LaTroy Hawkins

Then: Another relief pitcher in the mix, LaTroy Hawkins also pitched a half a season in the Bronx. In 07-08 off season, Hawkins signed a one-year deal that brought him to New York and then was designated for assignment in July.

During his short stint in New York, he made 33 appearances in relief, resulting in a less-than-impressive 1-1 record with a 5.71 ERA. Hawkins ended up being one of those low risk signings that blew up in the faces of the Yankees.

After his time with the Yankees, Hawkins went to the Houston Astros before bouncing around with several other teams. Hawkins had potential but didn’t show it in his limited time with the Yankees.

Now: Extra! ANOTHER former player stays close to the game. After retiring in 2015 at 42 years old, Hawkins accepted a position with the Minnesota Twins to serve as a special assistant.

It’s hard to step away from the game and luckily Hawkins got to work with one of his former teams. Another piece of history for Hawkins that connects him to the Yankees: Hawkins was the opposing pitcher during David Wells’ perfect game against the Twins.
The more you know!

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